About Me

Growing up, Christmas time was a magical time in the Spivey household. The house was decked out in all things Christmas, hot Wassail and Eggnog were the drinks of choice, and the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree was a family event. My mom annually purchased individual ornaments for each of us, most of which I still own today! Finding just the right spot on the tree for our ornaments was not only fun, but a little competitive between my brother and me. When it was all finished, though, the magical feeling of having a beautiful tree lasted the entire season.

As I became an adult, got married, and had a house of my own, I brought many of those traditions into my household as well. Creating an amazing tree was a top priority in the annual decorating process. Often, I couldn’t decide on just one color or location, so I had multiple trees with different colors and themes throughout the house.

I’m thrilled to now be able to use my passion for decorating Christmas trees, to provide others with a little piece of Christmas ambience.

I truly believe....“Every Season of Life Should be Filled with Beauty and Grace.” - Kerri Spivey